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Kalales Alexandros - Mytilini / Lesvos

Our company is active all over Greece in the field of provision of hygiene and environment services and particularly in portable toilets as well as bigger hygiene units (Containers and trailed vehicles) rental.

We have a wide range of portable toilets and equipment, meeting, thus, the needs of buildings under construction, construction sites, events, street markets, immigrants HOTSPOTS all over the Aegean Sea and private individuals all over the country. Our goal is to provide our customers with excellent services at competitive prices having the guarantee and expertise of the biggest construction and rental company of portable toilets worldwide (ALBA SEBASTIAN Sanitarsysteme GmbH). 

The rental of portable toilets, also, includes regular service, that is, removal of the waste and disinfection of the holding tank, full cleaning of the inside and outside of the portable toilet, filling with water and special disinfecting chemical liquid for sewage dissolution and removing of unpleasant odours.




Our reliable business capabilities, our international wealth of experience as well as the maintenance of high standards not only in the materials used but also in the work methodology and organization, enable KALALES ALEXANDROS company to offer you high quality services at unmatched prices all over Aegean Sea. 

KALALES ALEXANDROS company is certified with:
  EN ISO 9001: 2008 (Quality Management Systems)
  OHSAS 18001: 2007 (Health Management and Safety at Work Systems)
  EN ISO 14001: 2004 (Environmental Management Systems)

The companies of chemical toilets construction are Italian and have been certified for the quality of their products with ISO 9001.

Chemical toilets maintenance and carrying of the waste is carried out with special tank trucks and sewage disposal takes place in spaces defined by the Greek legislation.

The need for portable toilet becomes bigger and bigger as it improves the hygiene conditions in the places where it is used and there is more and more usage in concerts, beaches, camping sites etc. 


Chemical Toilet Features and Advantages
Chemical Toilet Features and Advantages
  Construction material: high-impact polyethylene
  Easy delivery
  Fast servicing
  Slow-burning (high endurance in extreme temperatures)
  Natural lighting
  Natural ventilation
  Not required access to: sewerage system, water supply system, electricity supply system
  Dimensions: 1,06 x 1,06 x 2,30 
  Mirror and electricity supply provided
Uses & Applications
Uses & Applications
A chemical toilet can be placed at any point there is need for use such as:
  Construction sites
  Building sites
  Landscaping work
  Open-air spaces
  Archaeological sites
  Eating establishments
  Street Markets
Sporting events etc.
Maintenance & Services
Maintenance & Services
The maintenance, which is carried out by our company with proprietary trucks, includes:
  Full cleaning and disinfection of the inside of the sewage tank as well as the cabin with high-pressure cleaning system.
  Replacement of the chemical liquid which kills microbes, dissolves waste water, perfumes and disinfects.
Our qualified staff conducts the maintenance making use of special tank trucks in combination with high standards hygiene products, therefore, ensuring the proper and effective function of the chemical toilet and thereby the best possible service of the user. The maintenance, apart from all the above, also includes:
  Removal of the waste water
  Cleaning and disinfection of the inside of the holding tank and the cabin
  Replenishment of the toilet paper
  IImmediate repairing of the damage if possible or replacement of the toilet
Benefits of the Chemical Toilet Use
Βenefits of the Chemical Toilet Use
The use of the portable chemical toilets has got multiple benefits. Some of them are the following:
  It removes the need for sewer system, water and electricity supply
  It removes the running maintenance costs
  The cost is restricted according to the seasonality, that is, when there is an increasing need for chemical toilet use.
  Cleaning and disinfection of the interior of the sewage tank and the cabin
  It strengthens the employees morale
  It is a symbol of quality for any event and it promotes goodwill and positive public image
  It increases flexibility due to its easy delivery and installation
  It increases the safety of indoor spaces
  It protects health and environment
  It improves retail customers’ satisfaction and it keeps them around the place for a longer period of time, thus, expending more money
  It provides low-cost remediation services as well as rules of hygiene regulations
  It increases productivity and reduces labour costs with the installation of portable toilets at nearby sites where the activity takes place


Our policy is always a close and professional cooperation with our customers as well as offering sustained, plenary and proper guidance with a view to finding the suitable product that better meets your needs.

We are at your disposal for any clarification and cooperation.